Industrial Security Systems offers the services of highly qualified IT consultants. Together with our trained system administrators we strive to help the industrial IT infrastructure become better organised and work in safe and secure conditions. 


We understand the issues that arise on site. We, too, understand the administrative and operative drawbacks that can occur. For this reason, our main goal is to create a medium in which your business thrives and is prepared for any unexpected occasion. 

Our team is highly trained to offer expertise in the following characteristic situations:

  • Connection, double-sided data transfer and merging of information from both industrial and administrative management systems
  • Production operative date gathering; Transformation of accumulated data in a ready-to-use and analyse by managers format.
  • Automation of logistics and storage on an operative level. Monitoring and control of stock and materials in real time throughout the whole storage system of the enterprise
  • Design, supply, and installation of wireless industrial networks including networks with remote mobile access to working sites of far distance from the main premises.
  • On site support of computers, peripheral devices and network equipment. Supply of replacement equipment if longer repair period is required.
  • Software support, antivirus protection, data security
  • Configuration and support of mobile access to information resources
  • Audit of information security and design of schemes for critical data and applications’ security.и
  • Server racks, communication boards, active and passive network equipment
  • Implementation of ERP systems for business optimization – transparency and diligence in every single process. We offer smart systems that enhance overall business performance. Through better organization comes better production capacity, more successful deals and increased demand. We are here to give you the tools to be in control of each and every step towards bettering your business.

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