Our mission is to ensure effective working and living environments with measurable risk potential, a high level of access and ecological friendliness

Our team at Industrial Security Systems consists of experts and project-design consultants of the highest ranks of expertise. Having rich practical and theoretical experience, the team has been involved in projects of key importance for the critical infrastructure of the country.

Trust our team's experience in:


Assessment and prevention of risk factors specific to the particular case


Monitoring centers for integrated security management

Increasing effectiveness and productivity

Analysis of the necessity for implementation of good practices in terms of increasing the productivity and effectiveness. Methods used for a wide spectre of businesses with various areas of activity.

Physical and technical protection of property

 Access control, intercom systems and home monitoring systems; fire control and alarm devices; security systems

Energy saving

Energy efficiency and control of the expences associated with energy consumption


Integrated control of transport accessibility as well as risk prevention in public areas

The principles of our work:

Industrial Security Systems - ISS Group

We are an engineering company entitled to research, analysis, consulting services, project design and management. Our systems ensure user-friendly working environment with controlled risk factors, secured perimeters and access control.


Our team strives to ensure awareness of the more effective and economical manners of resource usage through computer-based systems for optimisation, planning and monitoring.

Our team's purpose

We aim at providing our clients with better overall business results that they can truly witness in their daily activities. Our customers receive ways to be better informed, decision making practices, better monitoring of processes.

We possess the tools

Tools that directly affect productivity and capacity. Capable of enhancing the business environment in the long run, these tools are a perfect way to ensure lower production or service expenses

Our experience

The experience we possess in the field of risk management and prevention has given our team a stable and always evolving vision. Industrial, public or private sites – it is all abot precise analysis and preventative measure schemes

Our partners

The cooperation with one of the best professionals in the fields of LED lighting, computer systems and ERP systems for business optimisation and management has made our team far more extensive both in numbers and most importantly – in skills and capabilities