Lighting service with a 84-month warranty!

Lighting as a service

Our purpose at ISS Group is to select the best lighting solution for your needs while maintaining the least energy expenses. We do our best to eliminate the hidden factors that slowly damage eye sight in the long run and offer strain-free lighting. Consequently, we aim at helping achieve best working results by making the environment  comfortable enough.

  • Arrangements for visit on site to analyze the need for replacements in lighting scheme

  • Design of 3D simulations and calculations of estimated illumination of the premises

  • Presentation of the estimated investment efficiency when transitioning to a less energy demanding LED lighting sources

  • Supply of trial light sources for direct assessment of efficiency right on site

  • Disassembly of prior light sources and assembly of the new LED ones. All expences for support are covered by our team withing the 84 months of warranty

  • High innovation potential and energy saving – 150lm, for 1 Watt of consumed power - one of the highest efficiency offers on the market

  • The warranty period for your LED lighting sources doubles the saved expenses from less energy consumption.

  • Warranty period covers all support expenses as well as guaranteeing a 2-day reaction time after a support inquiry.

We at Industrial Security Systems do not simply sell light sources. We guarantee an energy saving and eye-strain free solution with a warranty period of 84 months!

A one-time investment, in return for which our customers receive a whole new economically and energetically friendly service. A solution guaranteed to return the investment with not a single “hidden” expense.


An effective investment  in lighting is one way to achieve the desired lower level of operative expenses. We surely know a thing or two about how to properly do the math and meet your expectations!